Denver, here I come!!

2008-07-01 03:28:45 by Ben-Spurgin

So I'll be all settled in by Wednesday!! All you Denver Flash animators and musicians please feel free to hit me up so we can collaborate!
In other news, thanks so much for your responses to my metal songs!! I'm so happy they have risen through the ranks in the Heavy Metal section of the audio portal. It made my day!!
IN still OTHER news, for those of you who don't remember Stick Slayer (Which is probably all of you haha) production is well underway on STICK SLAYER IX!!! Special thanks in advance to Jose Ortiz from MINDCHAMBER for his input on dynamic poses and his skillfully artful manipulations of my storyboards. YOU ROCK JOSE!!
So yea that's it. Remember ... if you live in DENVER drop me a line because I need to make some friends there!!

Denver, here I come!!


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2008-07-01 19:07:25

Huzzah! Finally I find a NGer in Denver!


2008-07-01 19:11:09

Stick Slayer chapter IX you say? Just what happened to the first guy who did SS in the earlier episodes?

Ben-Spurgin responds:

That's me you silly!


2008-09-22 19:58:00

I thought another guy named Jason Buck did him before you? Well, it's great to have you back. I plan on submitting some stuff to the portal soon if you're interested.

Ben-Spurgin responds:

You betcha! And no, Jason BUck just did the voices.


2009-03-21 12:32:55

Is Pimps quest II ever coming?


2009-10-22 10:10:10

Ben, Man, WTF.. Me and you had plans. We were supposed to do movies together.
what about our plans to do some live features!! damn it!
We didn't talk much as much as we used to, but you know how I felt about you and your work. Just know it will be forever on NG inspiring new flash artists for years to come.


2009-10-23 19:23:47

RIP man, RIP


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