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Hi! I'm Ben. Years ago I made Pimp's Quest and Stick Slayer. Now I play in a super famous rock band. Thanks so much for all your support, guys!

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Stick Slayer IX

Posted by Ben-Spurgin - May 6th, 2009

YES Stick Slayer IX is still under production! I have been working on it for a year, and don't expect to see it for another year. Suffice it to say it is the biggest project I have ever worked on, including Pimp's Quest!! Over 250 unique shots take a VERY VERY long time. But thanks for your interest! E-mail me for a sneak preview!


Stick Slayer IX

Comments (182)

yes it's about time sticks died after 954095840 years

Pleeaasee gimme a sneak preview!

(I don't know your email)

Wow i remember watching the first 1 like 3 years ago or summat, anyhow cool to see your making the next one, good luck!


** YIKES, BEN -- YOU LEFT US WAY TOO SOON ** Rest in peace, my beloved. We will so miss you. As of October 13, 2009 ... the creator of Stick Slayer, Pimp's Quest and all the others will have to zap his creativity from a higher venue. :(

Ben, Man, WTF.. Me and you had plans. We were supposed to do movies together.
what about our plans to do some live features!! damn it!
We didn't talk much as much as we used to, but you know how I felt about you and your work. Just know it will be forever on NG inspiring new flash artists for years to come.

Well this sucks. :(

man he never knew he would die

RIP Ben. we always loved you

I watched a part of your Stick Slayer series a long, long time ago, but never knew you well on NG. In any case, your death is a real tragedy, and the NG community will miss you dearly.

R.I.P. Ben Spurgin.


R.I.P Ben.

tragic as hell!!!! this is why you shouldn't do drugs

can't wait!

Rock N' Roll does bad things to good people.

Awesome! I'm so stoked for Stick Slayer IX

RIP man...I was awaiting your next cartoooooon :( why did you leave ussssssss

The last medal you earned is named game over. I think you would have been able to see the fun in that.
Rest in peace.


the last medal earned truly is an amazing coincidence.

Aw man you died. Why'd you have to do all that heroin? You knew it was bad for you but no...
R.I.P. and that.

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