Entry #3

Stick Slayer IX

2009-05-06 02:09:45 by Ben-Spurgin

YES Stick Slayer IX is still under production! I have been working on it for a year, and don't expect to see it for another year. Suffice it to say it is the biggest project I have ever worked on, including Pimp's Quest!! Over 250 unique shots take a VERY VERY long time. But thanks for your interest! E-mail me for a sneak preview!


Stick Slayer IX


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2009-10-24 14:04:53

Rest in peace, Mr. Spurgin.


2009-10-24 14:50:16

they were boring hopefully you have manifested as something cooler now you have died


2009-10-24 15:15:12

Rest in peace.


2009-10-24 15:17:59

WTF is wrong with you people?! people that have died aren't "lol" or "rofl"
Imagine his family reading comments like "hahahaha you died lol"
I don't personally know this guy but R.I.P... R.I.P


2009-10-24 15:28:58

RIP a Newgrounds God has fallen *moments silence* still the show must go on Rest In Peace Ben you will be missed by the Newgrounds public *fires a shot of respect in the air military style* and may your legacy carry on


2009-10-24 16:52:52

Ugh... how... :(


2009-10-24 17:33:08

RIP Ben. Didn't know you but...man. It certainly is scary seeing this: something you posted, something you were working on never to be revealed, and here we are leaving you comments you will never read. Talking to a dead man. It's scary.

Once again, RIP.


2009-10-24 18:37:21

So I take it, Stick Slayer IX won't be out for a while...

Rest in peace, Ben. I hardly knew ye.


2009-10-24 19:47:56

This faggot died.
From a stupid reason.
Do not pity him, for he deserved it.


2009-10-24 20:47:19

R.I.P. man. You were a talented artist and I loved the Stick Slayer movies. This is a sad time for NG.


2009-10-25 00:30:08

RIP, Ben


2009-10-25 08:00:07

Rest in peace


2009-10-25 10:24:17

well miss u


2009-10-25 12:17:03

You will be missed like Michael Jackson R.I.P Ben Spurgin


2009-10-25 12:52:13

Your work was always amazing, and made us all laugh. I never met you, never talked to you, but I hope that you'll be able to rest in peace.


2009-10-25 13:16:01



2009-10-25 15:25:54

Does this mean you won't be making stick slayer IX??? :(


2009-10-25 16:52:07

Rest In Peace, ye who brought joy to The Land of Newgrounds, and smiles to its inhabitants. Though we will not see the ninth Stick Slayer, we will see your face whenever we watch one. Lie still, my friend, lie still. For you are too tired to carry on. Lie in peace, Ben. For you aren't truly going away. You will live on forever in our hearts and memories. Heroes get remembered, but Legends never die.


2009-10-25 22:04:04



2009-10-26 00:00:43

TRo all the people who are waiting for this movie to come out or trhink everyone posting R.I.P. Ben is "trolling" I am just going to tell you all right now we are not joking. He's truly 100% dead, no doubt about it. This movie will never see the light of day. R.I.P. Ben. Game over indeed.


2009-10-26 07:31:17

I was looking forward to this. Wish that you could hvae stayed with us to finish it. We'll miss you.


2009-10-26 09:13:29

i LOL at your death! only dumb fuckers use drugs!


2009-10-26 10:56:56

Anyone saying 'lol you died' needs a reality check. Not to mention a swift kick in the nuts.

Stick Slayer was among the short list of submissions that inspired me to get flash in the first place. It's sad to know the series will never be finished, but even sadder to know why. You will be missed.


2009-10-26 13:53:21

Rest in peace Ben.


2009-10-26 16:41:40

may u rest in peace and do work from the great other world and it get back to us some how


2009-10-26 16:55:35

bro, your brotoons were bro-tastic! see ya on the other side bro!
I'll remember to pour some beer for ya bro.

on a serious note- this is a tragic, awful loss.

RIP Ben Spurgin (1977-2009)


2009-10-27 03:08:53

Rest in Peace


2009-10-27 07:11:30



2009-10-27 12:01:54

We know you are reading all these. We know it.


2009-10-27 15:59:26

R.I.P there.


2009-10-27 17:04:20

RIP man


2009-10-27 22:27:47

RIP mate


2009-10-28 08:32:53

R.I.P Ben Loved your animations


2009-10-28 19:46:18

good by


2009-11-01 14:37:45

Was a fan of the stick slayer series, it's a shame it won't be finished :/
Also last medal he got was game over... Ironic is it not?


2009-11-02 05:11:08

This dude RULES!


2009-11-08 05:46:39

R.I.P. man


2009-11-12 22:58:24

Dont do drugs dumbass.


2009-11-14 20:33:40

these are really stylised sketches i wish you could show more RIP


2009-11-17 17:43:56

Ben Spurgin dropped epic loot.


2009-11-22 07:29:42

No matter I'm a stick's fan.
I still like your flash too.
R.I.P. ; (


2009-11-24 16:54:48

2 years later, some 1 fdind his secret lost episode........a new ben spurgin is born


2009-11-26 15:27:51

W8 so is this guy dead?


2009-11-30 02:30:28

R.I.P Ben, hmmm i think that we should make SS IX for him as a tribute :o


2009-12-02 18:25:10

RIP Ben Spurgin


2009-12-06 08:53:19

I hope someday we will meet again. . .
maybe in heaven,maybe in hell. . .
i hope god takes care of you. . .
R.I.P. Ben. . .
My good man. . .


2009-12-15 23:22:31

As an open-minded guy who thinks that the anti-drug crowd is made up of at least 80% bullshit, I gotta say that heroin has fucking killed way too many people. Damn shame that you got caught up in that shit. All I can say is that I hope at least one person will hear about this happening to you and decide to stay away from that poison forever.


2009-12-28 12:32:20

When Newgrounds was new and shiny to me, Ben was one of the movers and shakers on the site. I didn't enjoy his flaming of Eskimo Bob or Xiao Xiao, but he was a great flash animator who created tales with a flair for the epic.

Ben just made a mistake, just as any of us are honestly prone to doing. Even if it doesn't always come in the form of drug use. Try not to judge him too harshly, instead, cast the shame on the people who deal in poison for their own profit.

Fair winds and following seas, Ben. Rest in peace.


2010-01-10 16:56:15

I heard about your death just a few days after it was told it happened. I made my own account just to say something, because death is not funny. And for the jerks who said " LOL death!" and stuff like that, are you serious. What if you died and someone said "Ha ha, you died idiot!" How would you like that?! I watched the entire series of stick slayer after your death Ben, and i loved it to bad you can't finish it now. We must say goodbye to a great newgrounds legend. RIP, Ben. Bask in glory in heaven... :,(


2010-01-13 19:30:31

I'm so sorry this was never completed. You were one of my favorite animators. Rest in peace, old friend.