Entry #3

Stick Slayer IX

2009-05-06 02:09:45 by Ben-Spurgin

YES Stick Slayer IX is still under production! I have been working on it for a year, and don't expect to see it for another year. Suffice it to say it is the biggest project I have ever worked on, including Pimp's Quest!! Over 250 unique shots take a VERY VERY long time. But thanks for your interest! E-mail me for a sneak preview!


Stick Slayer IX


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2010-02-12 02:36:13

Rest in peace Ben. I loved your work. its a terrible thing that you had to leave us. i can only hope ur up there looking down on us. I havent drawn a stick figure sice stick slayer.

R.I.P man. such a long, long time to be gone and a short time to be there


2010-02-25 20:04:51

"WTF is wrong with you people?! people that have died aren't "lol" or "rofl"
Imagine his family reading comments like "hahahaha you died lol"
I don't personally know this guy but R.I.P... R.I.P"

Yeah, the exact fucking thing I was thinking. I've never once heard of this guy till today when I was watching an animation of his. If only we could rate COMMENTS too. You people can't take deathseriously. Thats not cool. :( How would you like it if someone pissed all over your corpse and made nasty comments on your life? It's essentially the same thing. Saying that he is better off dead. --The fuck? Geezus. . .

Well anyways
R.I.P. dude. You're animations were pretty good.


2010-03-12 20:29:33

Unlike most of these clowns who post "RIP" even though they have no idea who the hell you are, i actually am familiar with Pimp's Quest. It was one of the fewwww fewww few flashes I can remember from way back in the toddler years of this site. And I must say the fact that I realized YOU were the creator of that work of art is just weird when juxtaposed with the reality of your death. We all die someday, so though your death SUCKS and was completely premature it is pretty much inevitable for all of us and i hope for people reading this that can find some solace to that. And to the friends and family of this guy, THE REAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY (i exclude myself there because I faintly knew you were), just wait a little while and someday you all will be reunited in Paradise.

Godspeed Ben


2010-03-26 21:30:07

I loved your cartoons as a kid and i still love them now, we shall all miss you.


2010-06-04 17:13:50

You were the most talented artist to ever leave us.


2010-06-20 01:28:34

I just found out today. Crap. Haven't paid any attention to him in a long time. This is just so sad. R.I.P. man. You were a legend


2010-07-08 01:09:57

Rip been, you died when I turned 14


2010-08-14 14:48:30

Find the computer
obtain all the files used or may have been used in this movie
find the greatest flash animator alive and send them
to be finished


2010-09-30 09:55:32

Why did you have to die? That's why I do weed instead of heroine.

R.I.P, man. R.I.P.


2010-09-30 11:15:21

I wish I knew you better, rest in peace


2010-09-30 12:38:17

Its only a good thing you died before you finished stick slayer IX. It would have sucked just like the rest of your shit.

(lol trolled)


2010-09-30 12:46:38

Rest in peace my friend.


2010-09-30 14:58:22

RIP Ben at the time of your animations it was a wonderful time to kick some stickass.


2010-09-30 16:28:04

its soooo sad your dead


2010-09-30 16:51:59

You poor guy. You had such a future. Rest gently mate.


2010-09-30 17:25:24

I hope that Jesus can help you with Stick Slayer IX, I hardly knew ya, but I saw your work and hope you can R.I.P.


2010-09-30 19:28:28

this project...
will never get to see the light of day...
should us newgrounders make what this would have been?


2010-09-30 20:02:05

R I P Ben


2010-09-30 21:57:50

HAHA! get owned you faggot! you deserve to die for the shitty flashes you have sent to the portal


2010-09-30 22:35:09

^ Learn to troll, fag.

RIP Ben. You inspired many.


2010-10-01 04:37:28

Wow... it's really pathetic when someone tries sooo hard to be hated... "Its only a good thing you died before you finished stick slayer IX. It would have sucked just like the rest of your sh*t." Frigging idiots. Sir Spurgin, I apologize on behalf of these morons that wouldn't know tragedy if their mother was hit by a bus and then was in a car accident on the way to the hospital, and even though I didn't know you personally and disagree with the manner of death you were given, I understand that death is not a time to point blame or make rude remarks, unlike some "people" that should do the world a favor and go play on a freeway. Find peace, sir...


2010-10-01 09:06:08

R.I.P Buddy


2010-10-01 17:15:01

"Another death, another dollar."
-Grim Reaper


2010-10-02 11:01:36

RIP but No offensive he's a retard
He took an Overdoese!


2010-10-03 07:12:06

Its never gonna be released now cos ur dead.


2010-10-03 15:44:14

This bites, if someone as great as ben could die then it could happen to any one of us! Alvinearthworm, Tom Fulp, anyone!

R.I.P Ben Spurgin


2010-10-03 17:51:18

Why is this taking so long?


2010-10-05 20:55:33

cuz the guy overdosed
and rip ben spurgin


2010-10-06 02:26:32

We miss you Ben, :(


2010-10-07 18:16:30

Rest In Piece, mothafucka.

You won't be forgotten.


2010-11-05 13:53:40

ha ha you're dead


2010-11-05 21:33:53



2010-11-06 00:10:06

I have not heard of your greatness til the time of your death.


2010-11-06 08:03:51

The final thoughts of Ben Spurgin. He left this world, just as what he left us with, Great animation. Nobody could replace him.


2010-11-06 12:14:06

omg, your biggest project ever how ironic you could never finish it I'm sure it would have been awesome. RIP


2010-11-06 14:10:00

There will be no new stick slayer. ben is dead of a heroine attack. His work has done us good on newgrounds. Ben, may you rest in peace.


2010-11-06 15:29:59

Well... in fact, I didn´t never known you nor talked to you... but I read all this comments for you. That touched my heart deep at its ground... I´m... I´m missing your Stick slayer series and every of your sounds. Fuck, I were crying when I wrote this... I could admit this without problems. It´s just tragic that you´ll never finish this... I hope you´ll have a good afterlive in heaven ... Rest in peace, Ben...

Like many other great artists you just left this earth really too soon. But you still live in the hearts of then who had known you .


2010-11-06 20:35:31



2010-11-07 01:05:02

@ Groundcreature

You were crying when you wrote stuff about a person that you don't know's death?

That's either really pathetic or a big lie.


2010-11-07 22:13:05

I never knew you, but for whats it's worth Rest in peace.


2010-11-08 20:38:42



2010-11-10 06:36:50



2010-11-10 07:08:04

To all these faggots on here who think they are funny by posting dumbshit like "haha your dead" or "lol you died" grow up. Someone lost their life even if it was his own fault. But a mother lost a son. A brother and sister lost a brother. A nephew and a niece lost an uncle and a wife lost her husband. Death sn't funny. How would you like it if you we're to die and someone pissed on your coffin and then took a dump on your grave and then leaving notes like "suck shit your dead" kids like you need to be put down and I'm actually being serious. RIP BEN I heard of you only today and yet I'm in love with your work. This world will never be the same without you


2010-11-10 20:46:42

damn dude....breaks my heart to hear of your death. It weighs heavy. May you rest in peace.

Here's to Ben Spurgin- A TRUE contributor.

p.s. to all the haters trolling, your time will come, just remember that. Karma is a bitch.


2010-11-10 21:09:26

He animates with jesus now, or satan?
I didnt know this guy.
I wonder if he finished the cartoon in heaven.
Or hell?


2010-11-10 21:11:38

Wait how old would he be now?


2010-11-11 12:31:56

goodbye my friend................i shall see you in the after life...............


2010-11-12 05:43:30

wow,just reading all comments,and knowing that he is dead...

this actually showed me how much death can cause.


2010-11-13 14:25:55

I feel sorry for your death .


2010-11-17 17:15:23

xBlazeUK, he can't give u a sneak preview. hes gone.
R.I.P man. hope you find peace in the afterlife.